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Local/Regional Authors & Artists

From Local Artist Charles Beck

"Bird Forms" was published in 2008. This book is a record of bird forms completed since 1980.
In full color at $25.00.

Charles Beck is a Fergus Falls, Minnesota native.  He returned to Fergus Falls after completing his military service and graduate school in the 1950s.  Beck helped found the Fergus Falls art scene, and has inspired generations of artists.

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Charles Beck Woodcut Print Cards

The Victor Lundeen Company also carries a large selection of Charles Beck Woodcut Print Cards.  Stop in and check out our selection of these amazing works of art.

Charlie Beck Cards

Minnesota Author Jess Lourey

The latest book in her Murder-By-Month Series "March of Crime"

Ida Gilbertson of the Battle Lake Senior Sunset nursing home has a new hobby; crafting life-sized dolls and displaying them around town. Budding PI Mira James finds the dolls creepy enough on their own, but when she's forced to sit next to one and discovers a human corpse under the hat and wig, it becomes personal.

Jess Lourey is well known for her Murder-by-Month mystery series set in Battle Lake, Minnesota.  She is also a tenured professor of creative writing and sociology.  When not writing, teaching, reading or traveling, Jess and her husband live in the Twins Cities area.

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