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Local/Regional Authors & Artists

From Local Artist Charles Beck

"Bird Forms" was published in 2008. This book is a record of bird forms completed since 1980.
In full color at $25.00

Charles Beck is a Fergus Falls, Minnesota native.  He returned to Fergus Falls after completing his military service and graduate school in the 1950s.  Now in his 90s, Beck helped found the Fergus Falls art scene, and has inspired future generations of artists.

Bird Forms by C. Beck | Fergus Falls, Minnesota


From Local Author Lisa Schultz Fred - "Mourning Journey: Choosing to Live When Happily Ever After Dies " 

In Mourning Journey, author Lisa Schultz-Fred reveals how her life was changed forever. The unthinkable happened when her husband of twenty-one years was tragically killed, thrusting her and their three children into a new reality.  Lisa retraces significant times in her life that ultimately shaped her survival when the world around her crumbled.  

The loss she experienced was permanent, but she did not let it permanently affect her in a negative, unproductive way. Her inspiring story will encourage readers that they too can heal after a traumatic loss.

Lisa Schultz-Fred is an author, speaker and Bible teacher.  Lisa makes her home in Minnesota.

Mourning Journey by Lisa Schultz-Fred | Minnesota


From Minnesota Author Jess Lourey, the first book in her new Witch Hunt Series "Salem's Cipher"

Following hidden messages from Emily Dickinson, hunted by the FBI and a serial killer, agoraphobic cryptanalyst Salem Wiley must break the famously uncrackable Beale Cipher to save Democratic Presidential candidate Gina Hayes from assassination at the hands of an ancient organization.  


Jess Lourey is well known for her Murder-by-Month mystery series set in Battle Lake, Minnesota.  She is also a tenured professor of creative writing and sociology.  When not writing, teaching, reading or traveling, Jess and her husband live in the Twins Cities area.

                                        Salem's Cipher by Jess Lourey   Jess Lourey books

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