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Minnesota Township Forms

In effect since October 1, 2011, all Minnesota Townships are EXEMPT FROM PAYING MINNESOTA STATE SALES TAX ON ALL PURCHASES. OUR COMPANY MUST HAVE A COMPLETED FORM ST3 on file in order to comply with this law. Please furnish this form to us as soon as possible or with your next order. Click here for the Certificate of Exemption ST3 Form. You can fill this out and send to us via email or fax. Thank you!

Victor Lundeen Company is the printer of choice for Minnesota Townships when it comes to recordkeeping.

We provide FAST turnaround for the new Laser Checks for the CTAS Software program. These are printed with the State Approved Endorsement Declaration on the back side of the check with 3 Titled Signature Lines as well as all the required information on the face of the check. Order in multiples of 500, 1000, 1,500, or 2000 - choose Blue or Green checks.

We have the matching Double Window Envelopes that fit your checks perfectly. These come in boxes of 500 and can ship the same day your order is received.

You can also order the 3-on-Page Checks, punched with 7 holes to fit the check book binder. These are also printed with the State Approved Endorsement Declaration on the back side of the checks as well as all the required information on the face of the check including the 3 titled signature lines. These are available in Goldenrod Safety Paper.

Pre-Numbered 3-part Carbonless Township Receipts are available, either printed with your name and custom numbered, or choose a stock book shipped immediately from stock, with no choice of starting number.

You can order all other standard Recordkeeping forms from us, too. These include Clerk's and Treasurer's loose leaf systems, binders and minute books.  We also stock Annual Financial Forms, Payroll Forms, Verified Claim Forms and Election Forms & Supplies. 


Election Forms

TSP50—Oath of Judges of Election

TSP16—Oath of Office

TSP31R—Affidavit of Receipt of Candidate (Quad)

TSP9C—Campaign Financial Report & Instructions

TSP9B—Campaign of Financial Report & Cert. of Filing

TSP6A—Notice of Election

TSP11—Notice of Special Town Meeting

TSP9A—Notice of Election Results

TSP11A—Statement of Board Calling for Special Meeting

TSP4—Notice of Town Board Meeting

TSP6—Notice of Annual Town Meeting

TSP26—Summary Statement of Votes

Clerk's Loose Leaf System (11x17)

TSP501R—Receipts Ledger Sheets

TSP501OP—Orders Paid Ledger Sheets

TSP501S—Summary Ledger Sheets

TSP20H—City Clerks Reg. Receipts & Disbursements

Treasurer's Loose Leaf System (11x17)

TSP502R—Receipts Ledger Sheets

TSP502OP—Orders Paid Ledger Sheets

TSP502S—Summary Ledger Sheets

TSP21C—City Treasurers Reg. of Cash Receipts & Disbursements

Treasurer's Forms (11x17)

TSP503DR—Disbursements Register (White)

TSP503PR—Payroll Register (Buff)

Clerk/Treasurer's Receipt Books

TSP3519TS—Receipt Books (200) Triplicate (township/city)


Annual Financial Forms

TSP3G—Treasurer's Annual Statement

TSP2—Annual Report of Board of Audit

Payroll Forms

3507—Statement of Earnings (duplicate)

Verified Claim Forms

TSP66-2—8-1/2x11" Pad of 50 V. C. Forms

TSP66-1—7x8-1/2" Pad of 100 V. C. Forms



Order Township Forms

Use the form below to order forms. For price quotes, please call us at 218-763-5433 or toll-free at 800-346-4870.

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Clerk's Loose Leaf System

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Treasurer's Forms

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Clark/Treasurer's Receipt Books

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